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Conflict could be caused by conflicting values, perceptions and motivations of team members. Conflict management is necessary to ensure that team conflict does not hinder productivity and the achievement of organisational goals. It is important to make sure that conflict results in a positive and constructive outcome and not a destructive one. A constructive outcome is where problems get resolved, there is a positive behavioural change and the team works better together. A destructive one is where problems are not resolved and the morale of team members is negatively affected.

Team conflict resolution

The following are ways to enhance effective conflict resolution:

  • Asking questions and listening to understand the problem and each person’s perspective on the matter
  • Considering each person’s needs, aiming to promote fairness and well-being
  • Genuinely showing a willingness to resolve the conflict, repair the relationship and foster unity
  • Looking for a common ground and identifying common interests
  • Being proactive in problem-solving, exploring ideas and asking for needed advice
  • Arriving at a solution that is fair, choosing the best option after considering likely solutions

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stattMeetingInter-departmental collaboration is important in every organisation and is essential for an effective Social CRM system. For example, the Marketing and Communications department need to liaise with the Customer Service department regarding customer interactions and any complaints while it is the Sales department that provides up to date information on products, pricing and the sales and purchase cycle. Therefore, Social CRM works better when carried out cross-functionally and this relies on good working relationships to be effective.

Good working relationships
Good working relationships can be built by promoting a climate and culture of mutual respect, trust, loyalty, co-operation and the achievement of common organisational goals.

It can be enhanced by:

  • Providing clear direction and clear vision
  • Communicating team values and goals to all members
  • Establishing ground rules for what is acceptable and what is not
  • Establishing a method of listening, encouraging feedback
  • Considering each person’s ideas as valuable
  • Respecting individual feelings
  • Promoting unity among members
  • Promoting clear communication
  • Encouraging information and knowledge sharing
  • Evaluating individual and team performance, providing feedback

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We all know the power that mass-media can wield in shaping public opinion and how it is sometimes used negatively to manipulate and distort facts. This is also true of social media. In this video, veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests manipulate and distort media messages.

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Proxama was at TFM&A 2015 to showcase Mobile Proximity Marketing

Proxama was at TFM&A 2015 to showcase Mobile Proximity Marketing

Mobile Proximity Marketing, as redefined by Proxama, delivers targeted campaigns matched to the context, location, behaviour and profile of the customer, increasing dynamic connections with consumers and ultimately, loyalty and sales.

Proxama was at TFM&A 2015 with their latest project to showcase how these new technologies work and how they can be maximised to increase consumer engagement and measurable returns. With the help of Loka, Proxama’s new app, Beacon notifications deliver special offers and information to consumers’ smartphones when they are nearby, perhaps while they are shopping on the high street.

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The Social Media World Forum has been on for two days now in London at Olympia 2. It’s been a worthwhile visit and an interesting SMWFexperience.


One of the workshops featured a panel of social media experts and traditional marketers who shared their perspective on new trends in social media measurement. Here are nuggets from the discussion:

Engagement remains a fundamental aspect of social media marketing but there is now a greater realisation that it is engaging with the people that is more important than just the numbers. As a result, social media tools and channels should also be harnessed to provide excellent customer service.

There is now a greater shift towards measurement and metrics. Data and information gathered through social media channels should be put to good use in addressing customer service issues, informing content marketing and in research and development.

Google Analytics is also an effective tool in social media for tracking customer acquisition and retention.

Since we use social media to drive traffic to marketing campaigns, measurement of the effectiveness of social media channels to drive traffic to the campaign becomes important. We compare how much investment we have put into it in terms of money, time and other resources with what we actually achieved with each channel.

Recommendations by the panel

Don’t try to measure everything. One size does not fit all, so tailor measurements and analytics to what is important to you.

Don’t over emphasise volume. Context is very important.

It is not necessary to adopt every latest application. Find out what will resonate with your customers and adopt this.

Be consistent with keeping to overall business strategy.

Social Espresso courtesy of 77 Agency

Having heard about the social machine by 77 Agency, it was fun trying it out at the exhibition…and enjoying a cup of espresso.SMWF Exhibition

The social machine is a new and smart way to share actions and thoughts with friends on Facebook while you are out and about doing things such as shopping at your favourite store.

For more SMWF flavour, visit Social Media Forum blog

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YouTube receives 3 billion views per day and 48 hours of video is uploaded every minute.

Forrester Research identified that a page with a video is 50 times more likely to appear on Google’s first page of search results than a text page on the same topic. A video is the quickest way to attain first page ranking on Google.

Online communities such as YouTube are popular because video content is rich media that communicates visually and is most engaging. It is effective at enhancing communication, supporting and driving business.

For some of the best examples of social media video, visit

What you can use video for

To demonstrate products

To promote the company

Customer testimonials

Instructional videos

Video interviews


Press releases (Social Media Release SMR)



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What makes for an effective and efficient social CRM system? Here are the main points to consider.

Inter-departmental collaboration

Social CRM is effective when carried out cross-functionally. Usually, it is the Marketing and Communications department that would be mostly responsible for the company’s social CRM. However, they would need to communicate and collaborate with other departments to ensure efficiency. For example, they would need to have up to date information on products, pricing and the sales and purchase cycle from the Sales department. Also, liaising with Customer Service department is crucial regarding customer interactions and any complaints. Input from Product Development department is essential to resolve matters relating to existing products and to innovatively meet customer demands.

Centralised data storage

Since social CRM needs inter-departmental collaboration and communication, it is most effective when each department has access to up to date relevant data about matters and as they arise. Hence, data should be stored centrally.

Content creation and distribution

Good quality and relevant content that encourage dialogue and participation will enable an understanding of your brand while increasing brand visibility. A multi-channel approach to distribution of content is necessary since customers can change channels as easily as they do with television. You need a system and routine in place that helps you to proactively and persistently engage the customer in all the places relevant to your brand.

Monitoring of relevant platforms

Since the focus is to create and support a dialogue system of communication that enhances customer engagement and collaboration, you will need to listen and be responsive to what is being said. You should develop a system of listening to discussions on all relevant social media platforms, using monitoring software that records relevant messages from the social media platforms.

Having in place a reliable social CRM system that comprises of the above will enable co-ordination of staff, communication and activities, saving time and money.

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According to Kevin Bishop, Vice President of IBM, authenticity and advocacy are the two most relevant marketing fundamentals in these days of social media and both are growing in importance. Kevin spoke at the annual Dinner and Lecture held by Cambridge Marketing College on 14 July 2011.

Kevin Bishop
Kevin Bishop, IBM Vice President

Kevin quotes ‘Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing’. Social media means that corporate character is now more easily revealed as increased use of social media sites has empowered consumers to be better informed and more knowledgeable about their choices. When corporate character is found to be inconsistent with perceived reputation, consumers can now spread the word, good or bad, via these sites. Hence the rising importance of authenticity, where behaviour is in line with communicated promises and corporate values. Authenticity will help towards achieving advocacy which is the highest level of customer loyalty where the customer or stakeholder advocates, promotes and sells for you.

All these highlight the need to build from within, ensuring that corporate character lines up with desired image and reputation. Corporate behaviour is a huge aspect of this and can be influenced through internal marketing.

Customer relationship marketing is also necessary to bring about transition from customer to advocate.

Internal Marketing and Social Media Customer Relationship Marketing

Internal marketing is necessary to improve employee participation and performance. It is vital so that all internal stakeholders are equipped to support corporate strategy through behaviour, bringing about authenticity.

Social CRM can enhance rich exchanges with stakeholders and customers in a strategy of engagement and collaboration which not only enables understanding but also encourages involvement and commitment, thereby turning customers into advocates.

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An effective social CRM system involves careful planning and implementation. It is a company-wide approach that requires social CRM goals to be identified and clearly communicated to all. Social media requires new capabilities and you would need to identity the channel or mix of channels that would deliver the best results.

Collaborative teamwork

Collaborative teamwork across functions is important for customer-centric social CRM

The following are three aspects for consideration in implementing social CRM:

Policies and systems

You will need to formulate policies that enable you to respond to customers most effectively to improve customer experiences. All social CRM communication must be guided by policy. Policy will need to adapt as the media evolves and therefore needs to be flexible. The policy should set out guidelines on daily routines for content generation and distribution. It should include guidelines about who is authorised to post content online on behalf of the organisation. Also, company rules against posting offensive or confidential information should be made clear. Company social CRM policies and systems should include provision for risk management and issues arising. This requires a structured assessment of the opportunities and threats.

Key Performance Indicators should be included to continuously measure success.

Social channels and social CRM Technology

With social media, it is the customer who controls the dialogue and where it occurs. It is important to keep up with the customer as they switch from one social channel to another.  In order to be everywhere that conversation about your company may occur, you will need a multichannel approach involving a combination of social channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and message boards.

Social CRM software
Social CRM activities are better structured, systematic and automated. Automation saves valuable time and frees your time so you can engage in other creative activities that cannot be automated. The choice of social CRM software will be greatly influenced by the company’s social CRM goals and any existing software system already in use to ensure compatibility.

Good social CRM software should offer the following:

Campaign management features: to organise and manage tasks with the ability to handle varying types of content such as photo, videos and user-generated content.

Advanced scheduling features: that include bulk upload of content, single and repeated posts scheduling and automated multichannel content distribution.

Monitoring and evaluation features: It is necessary to monitor conversation within those identified channels that are significant to your company and product. The advantage of social CRM is the ability to listen and monitor to be able to react. You need technology that enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of the social channel and your social CRM strategy. An effective solution will help you track when and where your impact is greatest.


Collaborative teamwork across functions is important for customer-centric social CRM. Objections to implementation of social CRM can be overcome and a company-wide involvement can be achieved via training.

Your company’s social CRM policies should be clearly communicated to everyone in the company. Procedural training and software specific training should be provided so that all staff engage appropriately and creatively in responding to customer and community feedback.

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