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The Social Media World Forum has been on for two days now in London at Olympia 2. It’s been a worthwhile visit and an interesting SMWFexperience.


One of the workshops featured a panel of social media experts and traditional marketers who shared their perspective on new trends in social media measurement. Here are nuggets from the discussion:

Engagement remains a fundamental aspect of social media marketing but there is now a greater realisation that it is engaging with the people that is more important than just the numbers. As a result, social media tools and channels should also be harnessed to provide excellent customer service.

There is now a greater shift towards measurement and metrics. Data and information gathered through social media channels should be put to good use in addressing customer service issues, informing content marketing and in research and development.

Google Analytics is also an effective tool in social media for tracking customer acquisition and retention.

Since we use social media to drive traffic to marketing campaigns, measurement of the effectiveness of social media channels to drive traffic to the campaign becomes important. We compare how much investment we have put into it in terms of money, time and other resources with what we actually achieved with each channel.

Recommendations by the panel

Don’t try to measure everything. One size does not fit all, so tailor measurements and analytics to what is important to you.

Don’t over emphasise volume. Context is very important.

It is not necessary to adopt every latest application. Find out what will resonate with your customers and adopt this.

Be consistent with keeping to overall business strategy.

Social Espresso courtesy of 77 Agency

Having heard about the social machine by 77 Agency, it was fun trying it out at the exhibition…and enjoying a cup of espresso.SMWF Exhibition

The social machine is a new and smart way to share actions and thoughts with friends on Facebook while you are out and about doing things such as shopping at your favourite store.

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