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An effective social CRM system involves careful planning and implementation. It is a company-wide approach that requires social CRM goals to be identified and clearly communicated to all. Social media requires new capabilities and you would need to identity the channel or mix of channels that would deliver the best results.

Collaborative teamwork

Collaborative teamwork across functions is important for customer-centric social CRM

The following are three aspects for consideration in implementing social CRM:

Policies and systems

You will need to formulate policies that enable you to respond to customers most effectively to improve customer experiences. All social CRM communication must be guided by policy. Policy will need to adapt as the media evolves and therefore needs to be flexible. The policy should set out guidelines on daily routines for content generation and distribution. It should include guidelines about who is authorised to post content online on behalf of the organisation. Also, company rules against posting offensive or confidential information should be made clear. Company social CRM policies and systems should include provision for risk management and issues arising. This requires a structured assessment of the opportunities and threats.

Key Performance Indicators should be included to continuously measure success.

Social channels and social CRM Technology

With social media, it is the customer who controls the dialogue and where it occurs. It is important to keep up with the customer as they switch from one social channel to another.  In order to be everywhere that conversation about your company may occur, you will need a multichannel approach involving a combination of social channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and message boards.

Social CRM software
Social CRM activities are better structured, systematic and automated. Automation saves valuable time and frees your time so you can engage in other creative activities that cannot be automated. The choice of social CRM software will be greatly influenced by the company’s social CRM goals and any existing software system already in use to ensure compatibility.

Good social CRM software should offer the following:

Campaign management features: to organise and manage tasks with the ability to handle varying types of content such as photo, videos and user-generated content.

Advanced scheduling features: that include bulk upload of content, single and repeated posts scheduling and automated multichannel content distribution.

Monitoring and evaluation features: It is necessary to monitor conversation within those identified channels that are significant to your company and product. The advantage of social CRM is the ability to listen and monitor to be able to react. You need technology that enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of the social channel and your social CRM strategy. An effective solution will help you track when and where your impact is greatest.


Collaborative teamwork across functions is important for customer-centric social CRM. Objections to implementation of social CRM can be overcome and a company-wide involvement can be achieved via training.

Your company’s social CRM policies should be clearly communicated to everyone in the company. Procedural training and software specific training should be provided so that all staff engage appropriately and creatively in responding to customer and community feedback.

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