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By integrating web analytics into a social media campaign, you can measure its impact from start to finish, from click-throughs to conversions.

Demographic and heat maps shows where your audience is and help to determine the best times to reach them.

High level web analytics can reveal which social media sources contribute most to growth in terms of users and visitors. It can show:

How do visitors to your website engage with the site? How long do they stay and on which pages? It can also reveal what activities, such as downloading files or completing an online form, they perform on the website.

How often identified visitors return to your site and for how long they keep returning.

This metric reveals how much revenue is generated from users of the website.

Landing page

A specific page should be created and optimised as a new landing page for each social media campaign. It simplifies the task of isolating and tracking traffic for specific campaigns.

Return on investment

ROI can be calculated by:

Identifying all visitors that were influenced by the social media campaign to visit the website

Calculating the revenue from these visitors

Subtracting the total amount invested in the social media campaign from the total revenue.

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